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This API provides a simple yet powerful search interface to access IMO content. Information regarding each of the API endpoints as well as Authentication and Recommended Workflows can be found below.

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Entity Extraction

Natural Language Processing (NLP) provides the capability to extract entities within unstructured clinical notes using named entity recognition. The Entity Extraction API identifies clinical domain terms in unstructured clinical data recognizing IMO Problem, Procedure, Medication, and Lab domain terms. The Entity Extraction API then normalizes identified terms using IMO Precision Normalize providing users the benefit of computable, clinician-friendly IMO terms and standard clinical terminology data.

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IMO® Precision Normalize API

IMO® Precision Normalize provides normalization capabilities enabling standardization of inconsistent clinical data from diverse health information systems to a common, clinically validated terminology to ensure that problems, procedures, and medications have clean, enriched, and consistent meanings. This API normalizes input terms or codes to IMO identifiers.

The information provided is confidential and proprietary. Any use of this outside an agreement or engagement with IMO is prohibited.

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Problem Discovery searches the EHR for undocumented problems. The search renders potential risks and gaps in care, giving providers a detailed picture of a patient’s health needs.

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